Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Graviteam Tactics Mius Front - Screenshots

These are some screenshots of the upcoming Graviteam Tactics Mius Front.

The wait is almost over and the 3D tactical war game will be out next Friday via Steam.

Please note that these screenshots are from a beta version of the game. I'm also using a TV as monitor and I didn't optimize a few parameters, the final product may look a bit different in other setups.

The briefing of one of the scenarios included in Mius Front.

The amount of units is fantastic. Here I'm playing as the Germans (red icons) and we collided with the Soviets right on. Those flame icons are battles waiting to be fought in full 3D. 

A mortar and crew waiting for targeting orders. Note the new interface. 

Never do! Setting up guns in the edge of a village. The Soviet armor is up that hill in the background. One crew member lies in a pool of blood. Literally.

Sturmoviks looking for places to unload their bombs. The red icons in the town below are my German troops.

The Soviets needed no artillery support to storm the town and moved through it like possessed by the devil. A flame thrower (left) evicts a German trench.
The flames do not reach two German soldiers ...


Creating a custom battle is a familiar task for veterans of the Graviteam games.

A HMG team moving moving into position.

Panzers moving forward. This type of open terrain suits well for the Germans and their superior targeting.

Now you can customize what is displayed in the 3D world.

This was a fantastic display of the physics that the Graviteam engine can handle. I ordered this tank forward and the driver searched exhaustively for a cut in the trenches. After a while, and not finding any alternative he laboriously drove through the trench and got almost stuck. This screenshot shows the tank just making it out from the ditch.
In this other example, a German crew-less tank rolled down the hill and was stopped by a trench.

I don't want to get all greedy, but this screenshot is hinting something about the future of the game series.

This overlay appears when you hit the "sectors of fire" button. I don't know what this is about but the coloring suggests some vulnerabilities in the tank's rear.
Massive battlefield with plenty of opportunities to die.

German infantry pushing towards the Soviet lines. What is the weapon of that soldier in the front?
Shots across the valley. The icons indicate the position of troops, tanks and enemy contacts.


smith said...

Great screens. I am looking forward to this. Cool to see captured weapons and those sunflowers are huge!

smith said...

Great screens. I am looking forward to this. Cool to see captured weapons and those sunflowers are huge!

Unknown said...

The german soldier in the second last picture carries a PPSH, an russian smg.

BletchleyGeek said...

I see that the infantry in Graviteam games still comes fresh from the cloning vats :)

Erich said...

I can't put my finger on it, but something about their terrain rendering just doesn't look...right. Not that it matters a great deal in a wargame. It's like the contrast is set too high or something. Anyone else see what I mean?

Marko said...

Looks great, I'm waiting to buy it.