Friday, January 8, 2016

DCS M-2000C

This module for DCS World was released on 25th December 2015. Following the apparently established tradition of releasing DCS aircraft in beta status (sigh), the M-2000C is in a moderately good shape and it's a joy to fly. Fighting ... Well that's a different story.

Flying into Abkhazia, looking for trouble.

This where it all happens. With almost all the buttons functional, this is a "study sim". The manual is not complete yet, but there are plenty of videos and guides on how to do stuff.

Dogfighting a Mig-29A. He just missed me with his missile.
The power plant of the M-2000C allows for such zoom climbs. Note the Batumi airport in the background.

Going Interstellar. Muuuuuurph!!! :) The highest I took the M-2000C is 65,000 ft. I don't know how accurate is this, but my engine seized up and I had to restart it in flight.
The following are close up of the cockpit.

The underbelly of the bird. The payload is two each Magic II and 530 missiles.
In the current beta status, both missiles depicted above are under performers. The Magic IIs are not modelled as all aspect. Furthermore, it is often difficult to lock onto an enemy's afterburner at rock throwing ranges. The 530 missiles lock onto chaff like a dog on a squirrel. Both missiles appear to loose energy too easily ... You can get kills with those missiles, but it feels a bit like fighting in the dawn of the missile age.



TimePointFive said...

A shame to hear about the weapons systems, was looking forward to this module.

JC said...

Hi and thanks for your comment.
I know. Give it some time and it will be fixed.


Anonymous said...

I like DCS-but bought enough Betas.
I learned.
Only finished products now. Enough is enough.

JC said...

Hi and thanks for your comment.

Or at least "closer to finish" products, like the Mi-8.