Thursday, August 27, 2015

Assault on Rodopoli, an Arma 3 mission from a reader of the blog

It has been a long time since I have not commanded a whole platoon in Arma 3, and passing my men through the meat grinder of a built up area was nerve wracking and heart breaking.

Vindicare_Boss (Steam handle) pointed me to his mission and I took the challenge. His mission is in Steam Workshop, at the following link:

I don't want to spoil the mission for you, in case you want to play it. But these are some highlights:

  • Loved being part of a company/demi-battalion task force. It adds to the immersion.
  • I used one of my squads to scout ahead, they were the first to make contact and find out what the ENY was up to.
  • I really liked how I was obliged to command from the front. I was not familiar with the terrain and I had to find out the best approach route with the binos in hand.
  • Combat in built up areas is slow and unnerving. Pulling my men forward was quite a thing. Hint: mutual support works marvels!

Some screenshots follow.

Where is Rodopoli? Those hills in front had helped a lot to approach the objective.

I initially tried to command the operation from the hills surrounding the objective, but quickly learnt that the building layout of Rodopoli hides most of the best assault routes.
Streets, the ultimate kill zones. The AI squads made a great show of skill advancing through the streets of Rodopoli. But casualties were unavoidable.

Bragging rights: I got the last kill that secured the objective.



Vindicare_Boss said...

Awesome writing as usual. Didn't think you'd make an article about my mission when i asked you to test it out! I'm definatley making more in my platoon command series seeing that people like it. Thanks so much again.

badanov said...

I routinely design scenarios using the high command system, and I use light as well as mechanized infantry. I try not to give the HC squads too much to do. Camping is about all they can handle.

Unknown said...

Bothered Vindicare to make this Coop, hoping to try it out soon. Looks real solid.

JC, did you play as the PltLdr the entire time or did you switch to squads constantly? I imagine moving through three or four units could be trying.

Blackrazorfilms said...

@ Anthony Mercando You command the other squads with the high command module, the AI does the work for you. In the COOP version (providing everything worked out smoothly) your friends can be the squad leaders of as many of your squads as you like.

Unknown said...

I know how HC works, I was just curious if JC direct commanded any of the SLs. I know I'd be wary of trusting AI to execute movement orders in urban situations.

Blackrazorfilms said...

@Anthony Mercando they do pretty well, A few times in another mission my squad has stopped taking orders and just sits there but that may be because of distance.

JC said...

Hello and thanks for your comments.

Tony: I spent most of the time commanding the platoons than my squad. I felt at ease in the urban terrain and I wonder if anything was made to tweak the AI's behavior in built up areas (?).