Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Block Busting in Bobriusk - Combat Mission Red Thunder - AAR, Deployment

The faces of my men with a mix of exhaustion and anticipation of a stern test of survival. The weapons clamoring for want of targets. The cyclic sounds of idle engines and the deafening silence of men lost in introspection. We just deployed and wait for the Russians.

Two AT guns were placed in the defile provided by the buildings. I was hoping that they would surprise passing enemy armor with flank hits. The infantry was not placed in the top floors of buildings, to avoid their death by a lucky artillery shell.

This is a continuation of the ongoing AAR that I started here.

My two armored vehicles, a Marder II (foreground) and a Stug III (background) have plenty of firepower to deal with the Russian tanks. The two vehicles were placed a bit back from the main line, with a good road between them so to provide an easy way to shift them from primary to secondary fighting positions. Both of them are in keyhole positions to better shoot enemy armor piecemeal.
My complete deployment, which is within the area colored blue. The Russians are attacking from the background. Note my two armored vehicles in the back and the infantry deployment in buildings A and B. A major part of my forces is the heavy machinegun (yellow icon) in building A.
Stay tuned for the next installment.



Chris said...

Good stuff JC. So if hard pressed what is the Germans line of retreat from A and B and who will cover them?

RangerX3X said...

It seems as if the force can be leapfrogged back to building C and E respectively while his two armor units could provide covering fire. I would abandon building B before the infantry is decimated and leave the infantry in building A to take one for the team as the road that wraps around either side of that structure seems to be a more likely avenue of approach for the enemy.

Unknown said...

I'd be too worried of concentrating like that... The red-roofed buildings look like they can put a good amount of fire onto the flanks and even the retreat route to the latter buildings.

Not that all this doesn't seem very well thought out. In fact it's the kind of forethought that is conspicuously lacking whenever I try this game.

JC said...


I can't leave those buildings unoccupied, an early enemy foothold on those would mean little chances of lasting enough.



JC said...

The buildings have backdoors, which I intend to use to extract my troops.