Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - Vehicle Pack

This one got released a few days back. The "Vehicle Pack" DLC features a collection of not-so frequent vehicles, tanks, bunkers and infantry flame throwers.

Vehicle Pack at Battlefront link

After a hiccup with the DRM, which was promptly solved by Battlefront's help desk (on a Saturday!) I took two of the "Hobart's Funnies" and went into a custom-made battle. You know me, engineers and cavalry fascinate me.

Check the video inside!

Well, a micro-video, actually. There is a high definition version at YouTube, if that helps.

The level of detail doesn't disappoint. Like the Churchill AVRE's main gun needing some extra time to re-load (the charge is quite heavy). I also liked how the Crab turns the turret to protect the main gun, rendering it devoid of firepower during the breaching ...

The custom map and the setup I edited looks half-decent and I may compile a scenario around what it is shown in the video.



Gibsonm said...

Perhaps I missed it but do they model the crew being exposed/getting out to reload the mortar?

JC said...

Not explicitly. Implicitly, to a certain extent (it takes less time to re-load the main gun while not under fire).

SimFront said...

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