Monday, December 5, 2011

ArmA 2 - Combat Outpost Defense

This video brought to you by BO, who appears to be having lots of multiplayer fun ... :)

From the video description:
An ArmA TvT event in which we get our collective asses handed to us. As part of the beta MP TvT campaign "A Fork in the Road" which requires ISAF personnel to conduct KLE's, route clearance, weapons interdiction, raids, clear and hold mandates, humanitarian operations (building wells and schools), etc... we establish a new COP in a contested area overlooking a valley. 

Within two hours of our patrol establishing said COP, AAF conduct a complex attack on our position. Outnumbered nearly 6-1 we hold our own, but only because of the Close Air Support provided by ADFGrunt06. We eventually abandoned the position.


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