Thursday, October 15, 2009

Danger Hint: Little Tricks with Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising's Mission Editor

I'm messing around with the mission editor of Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising (OFPDR).

Under the systems tab and into the AI folder there is an object named "Danger Hint" that can be added into the scenario. I was a bit puzzled about what this object would do to the AI, so I added it into the map and saw it in action by playing the scenario.

The scenario editor interface. I added the "Danger Hint" object (the icon surrounded by the circular blue halo). The group of icons below is a USMC rifle squad. Click the image to expand.

Playing the scenario: the US Marines are moving up the road, but they are still to enter the "Danger Hint" zone. Note their relatively relaxed stance. Click the image to expand it.

A few seconds later, Sheats steps into the "Danger Hint" zone and changes his stance to crouching. Wykes and Andreasson are still to enter the zone and are holding their original, more relaxed stance. Click the image to expand it.

The "Danger Hint" object comes in three exciting flavors: "US", "PLA" and "All". The first two flavors affect a specific side of the conflict and the third flavor affects both.



Anonymous said...

Do you have any information or clue about reconPoint object?

JC said...

Unfortunately, I no longer play or have a copy of this game anymore.
Sorry I can't help you out.
Best regards,


kuroneko said...
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Anonymous said...

oh, I see. Thank you for the reply.