Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Combat Mission Shock Force/Marines: Reading List

One of the greatest compliments you can make to a war game is saying that insight from military history books actually helps you play the game better. Combat Mission Shock Force/Marines deserves such a compliment.

The US Marines fight differently than the US Army. There are differences in organization, equipment, command and control, doctrine, etc. There are plenty of free sources out there from where to get US Marine Corp doctrinal publications, but sometimes these publications are not easy reads. Furthermore, doctrinal publications are just guidelines and troops in the field frequently adapt their tactics to something different of what the manuals say. Fortunately, there are a good amount of books out there with first hand accounts of recent battles. Let me list a few books I think will fit the CMSF/Marines war gamer.

The following two books are a bit more grand-tactical and operational in their scope. Scenario or campaign designers may find lots of information for the new creations.
If you know of more, please add a comment. I will be happy to expand the list.


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