Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Combat Mission Shock Force 2 is Released

Battlefront's main web page may not say so, but Combat Mission Shock Force 2 is reporting for duty.

One of the old scenarios (Circle the Wagons) has bee re-written and "RPG City" continues to be a handsome challenge for the virtual Marines.

Not only the base game has been brought to the newest generation game engine but all the modules (US Marines, British Forces and NATO [Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands]) are also available. The amount of gameplay and diversity of equipment is astonishing.

From the same scenario mentioned above. Irregular forces attempt to overrun a US Marines platoon guarding two Abrams immobilized tanks.
From a cursory look at my favorite scenarios, I can see many changes on how the computer opponent behaves. There was a massive effort in re-writing old scenarios and also a new crop of fresh ones. Some of the NATO module old campaigns are not available at this time, I read somewhere, and if solo campaigns are your thing, please check the official forums for this information.

A US Marines medium MG team on top of a roof. An AAV is on the street below, without proper infantry guard.
The Gulf and Iraq Wars overtones plus the obvious thematic proximity with the current events in real life Syria will likely result in a multitude of user-created scenarios, campaigns and mods. The scenario and map editor in Combat Mission continues to be a source of fresh quality content.

Well, these Canadians have been ambushed and now dwell -not so happily and under fire from every corner of the map- at the "Crossfire Inn". Reinforcements coming soon. I hope.

The British Challenger tank, with its distinctive armor skirts, is a magnificent piece of armor. In this armor-only scenario, Challies shown seconds before contact against Syrian counterparts.

If you own any content for the original Combat Mission Shock Force, you can take advantage of a discounted price. I got the whole enchilada of game and modules for $35.00 (compare against the non-discounted price of $160.00).

I'm off to finish up my video AAR of my match with Olav. Then, more Combat Mission Shock Force 2.


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