Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Graviteam Tactics: Operation Moduler - Pantserskool I

There is one law of nature, and one iron law that the Boer never forgets, that the answer to superior forces is greater mobility.
Thomas Pakenham, The Boer War

The South African Defense Forces have been serving its staple dish of high mobility-high tempo operations with a side of maneuver warfare since a long time ago. 

In the Battle of the Lomba River, the SADF was caught sans their Olifant tanks, and it is remarkable that even with a force of mechanized infantry suited with lightly armored vehicles they scored the complete destruction of an ENY brigade.

The Ratel IFV, tailored for the SADF's specific way of fighting, features all the requirements necessary for high mobility- high tempo operations. Although lightly armored, it succeeded against Soviet-styled Angolan armored brigades.

What's the secret to achieve that?

Well I don't know. Yet. So here it comes a series about the use of the Ratel in combat. It will be more of a series of observations and vignettes rather than a comprehensive analysis.

In that spirit, we roll with the first entry.

A Ratel 20 with its 20 mm cannon. Barely enough to knock out a BRDM or BTR. Of course, ENY tanks like the T-55 are out of reach.

A Cuban T-55. These bad boys can knock out any Ratel with just a single round. 

These lightly armored Angolan IFVs can be taken out with the 20 mm cannon from the Ratel 20s.

This Ratel has 2 MGs mounted, and its able to provide ample fire support for its dismounts.

This happened in a custom battle and I didn't suffer the consequences beyond that single fight. But blocking a bridge with an  ENY hull can cause a lot of distress for the non-amphibious Ratels.
Just be aware, not all forces at your disposal will be light. The UNITA rebels will have some T-55s, but their training and morale is sometimes lacking.
A Ratel 90, equipped with a 90 mm low pressure gun has just dismounted all of its troops. The main tasks of the Ratels are to provide mobility and protection to dismounts and also fire support. 

Game specific SOPs, like walk in front/behind armor, may not be the best option for the dismounts. Keep in mind a Ratel is not a tank.
The better option is to dismount the infantry and move them ahead of the Ratels. In this way the infantry can unveil enemy armor without exposing the light skinned Ratels.

General principles for the use of infantry apply. Like not abusing exposure by moving them on open terrain.

This infantry team got caught in the open by a Cuban T-55. Surprisingly, they got quite a staying power ...

... Hitting the tank with their rockets ...

... The T-55 had to take two doses of those rockets.
And speaking about infantry vs. tanks. The SADF infantry from Ratel 20 have these rocket launchers, which are either Denel FT5s or some South African derivative.
In future entries, I will test the cross-country capabilities of the Ratel. These pack is shown here engaging an ENY T-55 tank.
The point and shoot targeting of the 90 mm gun does not guarantee a hit. But the crews will eventually score a hit. Note how this ENY T-55 has lost one wheel.

And was eventually driven to a ditch, just to be out of the fight for the rest of the scenario. Not everything has to be a kill!

And here is the work of one Ratel 90, whose gun took out a Cuban T-55. The chances of the single 90 mm round to score a catastrophic kill increase exponentially with the inverse of range.



Chris said...

Is this from the Hooper DLC?

JC said...

Hi Chris,

This is for the newer version of the engine Mius Front. The one you are referring to is the Operation Star.