Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Flashpoint Latvia Episode 4 - Falcon 4 BMS - Recon

This series is completely fictional. No political point is intended.

Things are shaping up for an unwanted conflict with Russia. SIGINT has reported comms consistent with administrative movement of a Russian armor force in the Pskov Oblast, Russia. Two F-16AMs from the Royal Danish Air Force stationed in Siauliai Airbase (Lithuania) were tasked with a reconnaissance mission of this Russian force.

One of the two Danish F-16AMs on their way to the area of interest.

The TGP near the centerline has been deemed as able to acquire targets from 10 miles and below. Because the area of interest is some 25 miles into Russian territory, it will be impossible not to violate Russian airspace to identify the Russian forces. Note the GBU-31 bombs, intended as a provocation to the Russians.

Targets -Russian tanks, T-90s, battalion size- identified! Range was ~9 miles. NATO has officially violated Russian airspace now.

Although the Russians didn't turn on their integrated air defense systems in the area, the organic anti-aerial assets of the Russian tank battalion started to track the Danish F-16s. The pilots decided to pull out at relatively low altitude. In this screenshot, one of the two F-16s takes a diving turn back into Latvian airspace.

Landing at the Siauliai Airbase in Lithuania.

The inadequate means to deter a Russian intervention in the Baltics are evident and the situation is becoming critical. The lack of NATO weapon and intelligence systems in the area is playing in the Russians' hands. The deployment of NATO land, aerial and naval forces in the area needs to be made a top priority.



Sean Malloy said...

Which theater is this from? Is it PMC's Europe?

JC said...

Hi Sean,

I knew somebody would ask. This fake Latvia is actually northwest North Korea. PMC Europe: have you tried it? Any good?


Sean Malloy said...

Ah! No I haven't tried Europe or any of the other numerous PMC theaters. They look interesting, but kind of pricey considering how much good free BMS content is out there. Was hoping somebody who has given them a go would have an opinion!