Sunday, March 27, 2016

CMANO - New Big Patch Coming - AIP Submarines Revamped

Command Modern Naval and Air Operations is about to be updated to version 1.11. It's a big update and release candidates are available in this forum thread.

One of the big things (at least for me :) ) is the revamp of the air independent propulsion (AIP) for submarines. In this picture, U31 (a German Type 212 equipped with AIP) during sea trials (ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems).

The Deutsche Marine transition from the Cold War is more than evident with its Type 212 submarines. Small, silent and with a good dose of endurance, the Baltic Sea is going to be their killing seas.

A quick test of the AIP capabilities of the Type 212s. Two identical submarines, the one in the left (small window on top of this figure) using batteries only, and the one of the right (small window at the bottom of this figure) using AIP.

It is worth mentioning that AIP is useful only at creep speed, and rightly so that's the way it is modeled in CMANO.

The sub in the east/left has stopped after using all its battery. The one on the east/right has used its AIP and its battery, outranging the other "battery-only" sub by 700 nm (plus, minus change).
In April 2006, Italy's Marina Militare’s first Type 212A boat, Salvatore Todaro, took a two week voyage (completely submerged) from the German Bight to the Bay of Cadiz.

The trip of the Salvatore Todaro was not a small feat ... Here as seen in CMANO.

My Type 212 ran out of AIP some 80 miles off the north coast of Spain.

And out of batteries around 300 nm short of the Port of Cadiz.

It is going to be great fun to put the 212s against the Russians in the Baltic Sea.


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