Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ARMA 3 - Eden 3D Editor

A great update for Arma 3 has come out a few days ago and the centerpiece was a new 3D Editor that makes things very easy for mission creators.

Placing a character, rotating it, giving it a certain height. All at the scenario creator's fingertips in a very well thought interface.
That empty hill needs an observation post.

Much better!

Right click on the character and access the arsenal so you can customize his loadout. This was doable before but it required to get out of the editor. Or scripting the loadout.

I placed this character with just a few clicks without having to guess the height. The position adjustment is exquisite and you can place a character in those places that are tactically sensible.

And off course, I am creating a new mission with this editor.



Paolo said...

IS this a Free update or part of a DLC? THanks! :)

JC said...

Hi Paolo,

It's a free update.


Paolo said...

Hey man, thanks!