Monday, February 8, 2016

Crossing Points - Combat Mission Black Sea AAR, Part 2

This is a continuation of this previous blog entry.

After a non-so auspicious start (see initial losses in the first blog entry), the US detachment starts to delivery covering fire for one Bradley IFV that will ford the creek.
An impressive line-up of fire power ...

Although the US troops have only noticed a hint of enemy dismounts in that patch of trees to the right, the whole nearby area is treated properly with plenty of rounds.

The first squad disembarks from its Bradley and starts a wide flanking move under the partial cover of smoke.

The yellow line connects the squad's waypoints. The red lines at each of those waypoints indicate targeting orders. This is useful to suppress suspected enemy positions.

With these move-target combo orders, the squad moves and stops briefly to fire upon places chosen by the player.

The patch of trees in which the squad moved was actually clear (a Russian MG team was dead on that position). A BMP IFV was spotted within the built up area. Despite the relatively long range (234 meters) the squad leader opted to use the team's portable AT weapons.

The enemy BMP was hit with a rocket but it barely dented. The smoke on the other side of the house is from an Abrams' round from across the river.

The main gun of a tank ends up demolishing the house and the BMP retreats towards safety.

Another US squad (-) has arrived at the scene and closes in. A smoke grenade tossed and the smoke cloud from the retreating BMP (black) will provide plenty of concealment.

A bird's eye view of the battlefield. Note the Abrams main battle tank that has forded the river and the second Bradley in fron tof it. This Bradley vehicle just disembarked a squad (-), a command team and an artillery spotter team. Towards the bottom of the screenshot, the first US squad that made it through the river.

And then, out of nowhere, a Bradley gets it.

It's time to bring the big guns into the fight. A couple of Abrams tanks move forward.

To be continued. Stay tuned.


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