Friday, January 22, 2016

Crossing Points - Combat Mission Black Sea AAR, Part 1

Set during a fictional war between the US and Russia in Ukraine, this scenario depicts a US combined arms detachment struggling to control a crossing point near a village.

I'm trying a slightly different format this time. Either open the next image on a new window, or download it and view it zoomed in with an image browser.

A PDF version is available upon request. Just drop me a line to realandsimulatedwars at gmail dot com.

To be continued, stay tuned.



Johan said...

Great to see some more Combat Mission content! I also like the new Newspaper format, the only problem I see is that the screenshots are very small. They really needs to be enlarged to do the game justice.

JC said...

Thanks, Johan. I agree. I will feature bigger screenshots.

GH65 said...

I really dislike the new format. Prefer the nice big screenshots you had before.

JC said...

Hi and thanks for your comment. I see that the new graphics format is generating a variety of problems for some users.

I will be back to the original format, then. :)

Thanks again for the feedback.

Ben said...

I think with a bit of experimentation the format could be an interesting approach. Agreed on the image size being a bit small.

JC said...

Hi Ben and thanks for your comment.