Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Arma 3 - Special Forces Short on Demo Charges Need Only a Radio - AAR

Running this scenario (a modded version with stuff from and Red Hammer Studios), I used artillery with guided munition.

A 4 man team advances towards enemy-occupied territory in an undisclosed location of Takistan. This is an archive screenshot from another mission.

Our mission today is to interdict a group of insurgents in their use of an oil field. They are using that field to finance some of their operations. In this screenshot I'm picking up some demo charges to blow up some of the oil equipment and one compound where the insurgents sleep between their patrols.

We bribed one air transport company to transport us to a range nearby the objective. We are working with minimal resources and no other military transport was available.

One of the pilots of the Mi-8. Everyday is casual Friday ...

We landed in high terrain and walked for 5 minutes for a good view of the objective. A firefight was raging down the valley. It was between the insurgents and paramilitary forces friendly to our side.

I supported the friendly forces with indirect fire. The insurgents were coming from all places onto the poor militia.

Soon it was our turn to get our gun muzzles hot. Fire rained on us from distant places. In this screenshot that house in my sights is the quarters of the insurgents.

We made our way through eventually and arrived at an oil storage facility. In this screenshot I'm trying to figure out where to do most damage. Those pipes up there seem to be crucial.

Demo charges go off.

And the pipes are cut ... Moving out to the next objective.

We moved very slowly and picked up a couple of gun fights which we won decisively. The house to the left is the insurgent's quarters.
There was no opposition in the house. The insurgents were already dead. We moved out and blew the house with demo charges.

But there was an oil pumping tower still standing and we were out of demo charges. So I called an artillery mission and asked for guided munition. Bullseye! In retrospect, should have moved my team some hundred meters out, but the enemy was starting to shoot at us from some places. The cover provided by the small hill shown here sufficed for the artillery shell that we asked for.

The tower was out of business for the foreseeable future.

After moving out of the area of operations, we waited for the helicopter transport to pick us up at a nearby civilian airport.

The accommodations are spartan, but the only thing we complain about are the lack of explosives and ammo.

Back to our vehicle. Packing up for a new mission.


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