Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Seven Years War

When I purchased it I was a bit intrigued about this game. After a few hours of playing it, I am still intrigued about this game.

The Seven Years War (1756-1763)
By Oliver Keppelmüller
Published by Steam

This is a very elegant mix of some of the best elements of the Europa Universalis, AGEOD and Total War series. Emphasis of "the best elements" and that it refers to what I think as the best.

It has the detailed strategy elements of Europa Universalis, the sharp focus, command and war logistics of the AGEOD games and that thing of the Total War series that makes you fight battles wherever armies collide. No, it does not have the Total War battle cinematics. But the battles feel very realistic in their nerdy way.

The campaigns menu. Quite a treat of scenarios. Not a big fan of the fonts, maybe my aging eyesight is getting on the way?

The strategic map is not zoomable. Here I am displaying it with an in-game filter for province ownership (blue is mine). All my possessions are great but too tiny to select with a mouse ...

Summer time. I have a division starving at the gate of a fort, starving. Desertion is staggering. Time to watch one of the tutorials the developer has posted.

What? No research on how to toss food over the palisade? :)

The other game mode is battles. There is a very good selection of them, which are playable from both sides.

A panoramic view of the Battle of Leuthen, from the Prussian side. The shadowing of out of sight areas is a bit too much and takes time to perceive it correctly.
Moving troops forward. The movement orders are displayed in purple color. The terrain features are a bit difficult to grasp. There is supposed to be a hill in front of my troops, but I just can't see it.
The absence of a manual (video tutorials are available), the strange visuals and color choices and a bunch of unhandled exceptions didn't deter me from playing this game. It is certainly a deep strategy/tactical game. Let's hope that Mr.Keppelmüller continues to improve his game. He is off to a great start.


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