Sunday, November 8, 2015

Falcon BMS 4.33 Takes Off for Another Sortie

Falcon, thanks to the BMS team is alive and well. Getting stronger at every single new release.

With added features and an unrivaled nerd factor, Falcon BMS 4.33 is the ultimate study sim.

Laser guided bombs looking for beam reflections ...

Falcon "Barak", from the Israeli Theater of Operations (an independent add-on that I downloaded this week).

Autogen trees nearby the training range.

Training bombs (blue) under the wings of the F-16 Barak. From the Israeli Theater of Operations.

It has been a long time since I tried the F/A 18 in Falcon. I re-started this just this week.

Absolutely gorgeous morning for a carrier landing. Just a bit windy.

A bit slow and shallow, but for a first try my landing was an ego-boosting experience.

Returning to base from a training mission.

To install Falcon BMS 4.33 you will need either the original Falcon 4.0 CD or a previous install of it in your computer.

If you don't have them, please consider purchasing and installing Falcon from

The Falcon Collection

and then downloading and installing Falcon BMS 4.33:

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Coolts said...

Have they sorted out the limitations to the old F4 "bubble" with regards to TGP range? The way entire factory complexes & airbases would "pop" into view as you came close was a real immersion breaker for me.
I can't remember whether it was an engine limitation or an artificial cap based on keeping the sim fluid on crappy old XP era PC's.

JC said...

Hi Colin,

I think it is still there.


Anonymous said...

This is fixed. TGP and other SPI create a local deagged bubble :)