Saturday, March 14, 2015

Combat Mission Black Sea - The Drone, The Drone!

This is my first time using a drone in Combat Mission and I wanted to share a couple of screenshots.

Quite a challenging scenario. Following SOP, my troopers stay away from the main road and dismount in search of enemies. The need for eyes in the air was very evident.
This is from one of the canned scenarios that shipped with Combat Mission. Potential spoilers ahead.

The drone interface is simple and it looks pretty much like the one for indirect fire support. In this case, I chose a linear target (light blue thick line on the road) and it didn't work so well. For some reason I thought the drone would scan the road in a back and forth line. No target was found using this type of targeting.

The drone working on an area target (circular light blue shaded area) was better. In this case, a bunch of Russian tanks (red icons) is the stuff of nightmares.

A close up of one of the Russian tanks. Note how it is not in direct LOS from the scout team (light blue icon on the other side of the far-background hill), which means it is being observed by the drone.

A thing that impressed me about the implementation of the Raven drone in Combat Mission is that it doesn't provide a God's like view of the battle. In this case, the area it could cover is relatively small. In addition to that, the loitering time seems to be limited too. But I will have to confirm for how long the Raven can endure over the battlefield.


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