Wednesday, December 24, 2014

For the Historian - Awesome Book Store in Gettysburg, PA (US)

My hobby shopping trips to Gettysburg are getting more frequent. And now I will be adding books to the booty!

Located in the center of the historical town, this store blew my mind. The selection of books (Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea and modern wars is straight out of my wildest dreams.

This time I bought just one book because I overspent a bit on three board war games from another Gettysburg store I frequent too (more on that later).

This is the book that was in my wishlist for a long time.


The book itself is one of the finest, best written and explained books in WWII military history. I'm enjoying every paragraph of it in very good company (Panzer Battles Kursk, by John Tiller).

Thanks to For the Historian for a very nice conversation and the opportunity to have so many fine military history books just a few miles away.



Johan said...

Great post! I have got "Blood, Steel, and Myth: The II.SS-Panzer-Korps and the Road to Prochorowka", by George Nipe, which also covers the same topic. Lots of old myths were busted in that book, and I can't recommend it enough.

I've been meaning to read Zamulins book too, and I'm really looking forward to the day I will finally get to read it.

JC said...

Thanks, Johan. These are great books. Yesterday I took my book and a pdf version of the map in Panzer Battles ... Pure joy.


Doug Miller said...

This book has been on my list for a good long while. I envy your proximity to Gettysburg; I'd be over there constantly if I wasn't several hours away!

Looking forward to hearing about what board games you picked up.

JC said...

Hi Doug,

I know. It's just one hour for me to get there.

I picked up a copy of Blood and Thunder (unpunched!), a copy of Sixth Fleet and one of Battle Cry to play with the kiddo.

Merry Christmas!

David Freer said...

Hey JC,

I was fortunate enough to have Zamulin guide us across the Kursk battlefield in 2013 for the 70 year anniversary (before all the ugliness in nearby Ukraine). He has actually written a series of books on the battle and I believe at least another one of them are due to be published in English soon. An amazing guy with such a depth of knowledge and I gleefully got him to sign my copy if his book, fanboy style!

I used both Zamulin and Nipe's book as the basis for a lot of the scenarios in Panzer Battles, Kursk. With both focused on the same battles but from opposing sides it provided a wealth of information.

Finally on a point of accuracy, I tended to find Nipe slightly 'sensationalist' in his descriptions of various battles and inaccurate when it come to the various Soviet tank types in opposing formations as well as a range of minor points. That said it is still one of the most readable accounts from the German side.

Glad to see your still looking at the game JC, maybe time to preview the next one with you!


JC said...

Hi David,

I never stopped playing Panzer Battles. :) This book just took it to another level.

As for the new game, it would be an honor to preview it.