Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Steel Beasts ProPE - Complex Insurgent Ambush - Briefing

They say that ambushed forces should immediately aim to fight through an ambush. What about the QRF sent in relief of them?

A squad of engineers has been hit by an IED. A MRAP can be seen in the background, attempting to cross and support/extract the US soldiers.

Right after the crossing, the MRAP is hit by another IED. The explosion results in a mobility kill. Fortunately, the HMG in the MRAP is still operational. 
The ambushed US forces get the mortar treatment from the insurgents ...

The impact of small arms indicates that the insurgents are approaching for the kill.

A couple of kilometers away, a QRF composed of two Bradley IFV revs up their engines. There is only one road leading to the bridge and the insurgents have isolated the ambush with a platoon of dismounts armed with RPGs and small arms.
There is nothing slower than to blow dismounts out of areas with lots of concealment. If I leave my Bradleys to the ebb and flow of fighting the blocking insurgent force, they may not arrive in time down the road and avoid an overrun on the IED ambush .

What's next, commander?



badanov said...

If the insurgents are smart, they high-five one another and then get the hell out of Dodge. Anything else is suicide for them once the Bradleys arrive...

NW said...

Normally I agree, but this assumes they're not trying to suck in the QRF and destroy it. They are operating in force - 2x M2s is dangerous as all hell, but it's roughly a platoon of combatants with mortars and who knows what other prepared traps?

Anonymous said...

I don't know the whole situation but here are som suggestions:

The area is still not cleared from further IEDs. If this is a LIC setting we should not take any more risks unless that road is critical somehow.

The QRF should establish an ICP at a good distance from the ambush, link up over radio with any survivors and support them with fire (including smoke for concealment). The ambushed unit should withdraw back to the ICP while the QRF clears the route from their end. Don't bring any more units into the kill zone. Call in air support immediately (CAS and ISR) to engage the enemy positions, especially that mortar, as well as to track any movement out of the area to perceived insurgent "safe areas" in order through targeting remove the larger problem at our terms, when we have the initiative.

Great blog as always JC!

I have been thinking of getting SB, but the new russian AFV/APC:s in the RHS mod for Arma gives me my armored fix at the moment. Especially with the Bornholm map.