Friday, November 7, 2014

ArmA 3 - Helicopters

The ArmA 3 Helicopters DLC has come out and new opportunities for tactical mischief coming from the skies are waiting for you.

The cockpit of the CH-67 Huron, a double rotor transport helicopter.

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That minigun wants to be fired!

The CH-67 looks like a Chinook.

Despite all the spiffy looks of the instruments, the simulation of the CH-67 is light. 

Yet the gauges are very much in-line with what would be a real life helicopter.

The physics feels odd sometimes. It improves whatever was there in ArmA 3 ... But the helicopters have a very pronounced level of instability.

Yet, all things together the increased fidelity of the flight models makes it fun to fly.

An insertion area, which was to become hot in under a minute.

In a nutshell, this is not a high fidelity simulation and it is clear that the developers never intended it to be. It is like Take On Helicopters for ArmA3, which is fine and fun enough for a bunch of missions in which you are the designated driver.


Anonymous said...

Coming the Huey in DCS, I find the new ARMA helicopters just too damn twitchy. I'd be fine with a lower fidelity sim, but the twitchyness makes them not much fun to fly for me.

JC said...

A concept that very few flight sim models had made peace with is horizontal stability. In the minds of the unaware, twitchty reads "realistic". No kidding.

Add ArmA's wonky dialect of physics and you have words like "high fidelity" shoveled into the game.