Monday, October 13, 2014

DCS MiG-21Bis (beta) - Bombing and Straffing

I should be working in the preview I started last week. But every time I sit in the cockpit of the DCS MIG-21Bis, some new capability catches my attention. This time, the oddest role this aircraft has played in the history of combat aviation: ground attack.

In this custom-made scenario, a Russian MIG-21Bis attacks US ground forces which are trying to cross a bridge.

Climbing at a low speed. A moderate to high altitude is recommended to achieve a good bombing solution diving at 30 to 35 degrees. The targets and the bridge are across that river below.

Bombs away. The targets are US M1A2 tanks. I am already pulling up from the dive.

The bombs make impact nearby. No harm is done to the tanks, off course. 

A perspective from my aircraft, looking towards the enemy tanks. The bombs targeting system provides cues that are fairly precise, but in this case the firing solution lasts for a few seconds. My bad, though. Behind the tanks there is a hill that forces me to pull out prematurely.

Egress. The airspeed is around 950 km/h and I am pulling some 4 Gs to avoid the enemy small arms fire.

Climbing very slowly and keeping an eye on the target area. A few burning wrecks are visible on the friendly side of the river. The enemy is firing at our forces.

Second bombing run. I switched to pylons 2 and 1. With a dive angle of 30 degrees, this one looked like a winner. However, I was slow on the trigger and the targeting computer did override my bombs release command.

Another pass revealed more enemy targets in the area, all burning to my ground forces' fire.

With all bombs released and not a single hit, I switched to guns for a straffing attack.

The first straffing run ended up badly. I was trying to slow the aircraft to aim better. A steady increase in the angle of attack crept onto my flight regime and I ended bellying and bouncing onto the ground. Amazingly, the bounce propelled my aircraft high enough to allow me to eject from the engines dead fighter. This picture shows the enemy tanks in the background.

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badanov said...

The MiG-21 is a fine ground interdiction fighter. I use them all the time in Arma 2. So do the Syrians in real life.