Sunday, September 15, 2013

Touch Panzer Campaigns - A Mobile Version of the PC War Game for Android Devices

Now available at the Google Play Store, the first and free release of the Panzer Campaigns series for the Android operating system is out since yesterday.

The press release from John Tiller Software follows:
John Tiller Software is pleased to announce the next step in our expansion into the mobile app market. Touch Panzer Campaigns is now available for free from the Google Play Store! Releases in the Kindle App Store and Apple App Store will follow in the coming weeks.
This is a mobile version of the hugely popular PC series Panzer Campaigns.  This first release takes you through several hypothetical scenarios on the East Front as a German Panzer commander and introduces you to both the basics of the Panzer Campaigns game engine and also the unique mobile interface.  Following this free release, there will be additional releases in this series each representing a smaller mobile version of the corresponding PC game.
Panzer Campaigns is a detailed turn-based simulation of operational warfare from World War II.  It includes detailed rules and combat resolution but has a simple interface that allows the player to focus on strategy and tactics.  A wide variety of unit types are represented including infantry, tanks, artillery, and engineers.  This version has 18 scenarios particularly suitable for mobile devices including 12 "Panzer School" scenarios designed to introduce you to the basics of World War II warfare.
While this version of Panzer Campaigns will run on large-format Android phones, it is best on an Android tablet with screen size of 7 inches or more.
When you are up at the Google Play Store make sure and check out our free Modern Air Power app as well.
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Jožo Kundlák said...

Woohooo! Finally some hard-hitting games start appearing on the Android platform!!!

JC said...

You bet my friend! :) I would love to play a Squads Battle port on the tablet...



Jason Rimmer said...

Well I found playing wargames a struggle on my 19 inch monitor..and have just upgraded to 24 inch and it makes a world of difference..god knows what it would be like play on a tablet.

JC said...

Pinch to zoom, maybe?


Anonymous said...

Are these Android games stable? i have an old tablet with some Android and I hate this OS.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo, finally a real wargame for the Kindle! Not able to download the excellent Small General games, not in Amazon store, so this is a welcome addition.