Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Falcon 4 BMS - Package 6828: Escort - Briefing

I flew this mission back in November and it's time to post it. The flight sim is Falcon 4, with the fantastic, awesome and FREE BMS update 4.32 (update 3 applied). Pardon the mess of jagged lines in the screenshots ... I had some issues with my graphics card.

I'm retaking a campaign a started a year ago (!). This campaign depicts a fictional war between North Korea and South Korea which off course is aided by the US, or the other way around. I'm currently playing as a pilot of the 36th Fighter Squadron based in Osan Airbase, South Korea (25 miles South of Seoul).

Right click and open in a new tab for a better view. This is D1 of the campaign. The white lines are my flight plan for an escort mission (protect a flight of 4 F-16s in an OCA strike against Ongjin airbase). My flight is 2 F-16s (Cowboy8). The purple areas are range rings for enemy radar sites 

The OCA strike flight (Gypsy7) was to depart from Kunsan Airbase (70 miles southwest of Osan). I'm sorry that I didn't plot Gypsy7's flight plan in the above screenshot because at the time of this flight I didn't know how to plot other flights from the ATO. What I did know, however, was the rendezvous with Gypsy7 was at waypoint 2. I like to fly my escort missions at least 20 nm detached from the strike flight, so I can preempt any enemy flight threatening the show.

Right click and open in a new tab for a better view. Loadout for the Cowboy8 flight. Those 300 gallon external tanks add a lot of weight and write off two missiles, but being a lousy pilot with a penchant for the afterburner when things go slightly dangerous ... Give me gas!
Each F-16 of Gypsy7 had a similar anti-air missile loadout and two GBU-10G/Bs.

Main threats to the flight, according to the in-game briefing are SA-5s and SA-4s nortwest of the target area and a possible flight of Mig-23s in a CAP mission.

Time of take off is 08:22:00.



Anonymous said...

I'm going to enjoy this AAR. I love all the stuff you write about here but Flight sims I love the most. The more I look at this Falcon BMS the more I come away impressed. They really have gone to town on this sim. Wish I had the original Falcon 4.

Excellent write up...looking for more.


Doug Miller said...

Somewhere I have a copy of Falcon 4, or at least I used to. I haven't seen it for years but this makes me want to go digging through the attic...

JC said...

Hi RedBravo65 and thanks for your comment. There is plenty of flight simming coming up so stay tuned.

JC said...

Hi Doug,

All fidelity modeling (avionics, weapon systems and flight dynamics) aside, Falcon 4 shines for its dynamic campaign. At least for me. :)


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