Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Iron Front Liberation 44 - AAR - A Pak 40 Platoon (-) Protects the Flank of an Armored Counterattack - Mission Briefing

A custom made scenario to try out the pros and cons of the use of AT guns in support of offensive tactical missions. I am in command of an AT gun platoon (-), at the minimal strength allowed by German WWII doctrine (2 guns).

This mission is not historical, but inspired in real tactics used in the East Front during the last stages of the conflict. At any time later than 1943, when the Soviets assumed the strategic offensive, the most capable officers in the German Army preached about this like the gospel: if the Russians establish a bridgehead, no matter how small it is, destroy it at once. One of the most astonishing capabilities of the Soviet soldier was his ability to effectively infiltrate no matter how good the German patrolling was. So, a Soviet platoon across a river was guaranteed to become a battalion the following day.

In this mission, a Soviet bridgehead is strong enough for the Germans not to even try to destroy it completely. The Soviets are pushing to expand the bridgehead and a counter attack by our forces is due. This will catch the enemy extended (as opposed to entrenched in the bridgehead proper), hopefully stop his advance and give us a chance to reorganize and get reinforcements. A small piece of clear terrain was deemed suitable for the use of our armored fist (see thick blue arrow in map below, make sure to expand it by clicking on it). We (2 Pak 40 guns) are to provide flank protection for the tanks.

Tactical situation and axis of attack/advance. Red is for the Soviets, blue is for the Germans. Click on the image to expand it.
My AT gun platoon in the assembly area. 


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Panzer_Leader said...

I like the look of this one, keep it coming!

Desdinova said...

Hope you've got HE shells. It's all fun and killing T-34s until infantry show up and laugh at your AP rounds as they burrow into the dirt.

JC said...

Thanks, gents.

Desdinova: lock and loaded, my friend. The lack of German infantry support for our foray is worrying me, though.