Saturday, March 10, 2012

Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic - Released

Hot off the press! Third Wire's Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic ...

Released a few hours ago, this combat flight simulator lite brings back a lot of memories (haven't played one of these Third Wire sims in ages!).

Jumped into an F-14 for a familiarization flight. Everything went OK until I had to land on the carrier. Oh, boy, lots of practice needed.

Approaching Iceland at high speed.
The cockpit of the F-14. All this stuff was cutting edge back in 1980. :)
It ain't a Navy fighter if it doesn't have an angle of attack indicator (AOA tape, top center of the screenshot).

Visuals are crisp without being overdone or a resource-hog.
My wingman waiting for his turn on the catapult.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! More, please.