Monday, July 18, 2011

Supreme Ruler Cold War - Grand Strategy Game Releases Tomorrow

The cold war goes ... complex. So many things to care of in this game!
But the subject is very interesting from the strategic point of view, so I'm hoping to write some more about Supreme Ruler Cold War.

On the meantime, screenshots!



Scott T said...

Anxious to hear more, too. Always looking for the Next Great Strategy Game.

Anonymous said...

Is this game playable in this installment or it is still exercise in frustration?

Mike said...


Can we expect an AAR from Panzer Corps any time soon? I think you'd really enjoy it!

Bryan said...

I just downloaded it. It's crap. It's crap piled on top of crap, and that is just fiddling with it for 30+ minutes. The interface is still daunting, overtly complex, unwieldy, and unintuitive as ever.

Overtly difficult to manage. Mundane aspects of your nation are ridiculously contrived at times. The message traffic fly's at you like shots to a hookers mouth at even normal speed. With so many many icons on the screen at one time, I couldn't tell if I was playing a game or looking at someone with a smallpox infection, or really bad acne.

It's still ugly to look at.

It's like trying to make a game out of a Excel Spreadsheet... and then trying to make it fun. It's a failure.

Note to the devs - Having a shitload of info available but no way to act on it doesn't make your game complex, it makes it boring. Furthermore, it's almost as if these guys designed this game for them, as opposed to attempting to make it for a broad audience.

JC said...

Thanks for your comments, gents.

@ Scott: I'm looking forward to play some more. With so many good games, I am struggling to get time to play them.

@ Anonymous: define playable. ;p

@ Mike: Hi! I played PG to death and my memories of it are great. Just not great enough to repeat the experience. Besides, it's from Slitherine ...:(

@ Bryan: I take it you don't like it. :)


Christian said...

Clear this Bryan guy is not part of our target audience. Comment from our users on the dev forums have been mostly positive regarding the new user interface. Most of our community is looking for all the data that Bryan thumbs his nose at. My suggest, as always, is try the demo and decide for your self.


JayTac said...

Bryan has been spamming those same comments everywhere. It's okay to post negative reviews, but ones that are so contrived and vile, only make yourself look bad.

Just relax and be respectful.

Personally I've been enjoying the game, while navigating the menus and commands isn't easy - it's certainly not hard to figure out either.

As of now, I'm not sure how I feel about the combat in comparison to HOI3 (still too early for me to say), but this game certainly offers a lot more depth and geopolitical strategy than any other game I've played. That alone, makes the game enjoyable.

For those reading Bryan's comments, take them with a grain of salt as they're not an accurate assessment at all.

Bryan said...

Or don't take it with a grain of salt. fThere is an thread over in the ACG orums on this very game. Read it, read the latest reviews, and then formulate your own opinion.

As I've said numerous times... This isn't a Geo-Pol sim as it claims. It's a wargame with diplomacy as a afterthought. It isn't a change in the series, it's exactly the same as previous iterations. It just irks me that it claims otherwise.

& Jay
As a avid reader of this blog for quite some time, and a OWNER of said game. I'm entitled to pronounce my options anywhere I choose.

JC said...

Thanks for your comments, guys.

Let's try to explain our differences sans rancor.

We need a forum.


aura said...

I love great strategy pc games. Ones of my favorite are grand strategy wargames and I'd like to know more about it. Thanks for sharing!