Thursday, February 17, 2011

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - Interview at RPS

A great interview about the upcoming Combat Mission Battle for Normandy was posted at Rock, Paper Shotgun.

RPS is one of the gaming sites I really look up to. Their style is fantastic and their war gaming articles/interviews show that they know their turf.

The interview itself is very informative. Knowing Steve Grammont from the forums, in the interview he is always being ... Steve. I didn't appreciate his mention of "chronic complainers" (people on BFC forums who complain, chronically). It came out a bit unkempt for an interview that should be focused in bringing more wallets to the store. As for Phil Culliton (new BFC recruit/programmer), he mentions that the tactical AI has "quite a lot of changes that have made a real difference". That's one thing I will try right away as soon as I get my hands on the new Combat Mission.

Gotta go to work ... :)



Anonymous said...

There's a lot of good info in this [url =]this[/url] announcement from a couple months ago. (Last screenshot is mine!) :P
The engine and the tac AI are definitely better than ever. There are so many things in there that I wish were in CMSF now. -tFS

JC said...

Hello tFS!

Thanks for visiting.

Woah! That article has me all geeked up now. I didn't know CMBfN was going to feature 1x1 meter square grids.
The tacAI ... can you give an example? Does it throw the soldiers in a straight line through an open field even when a covered path is 10 meters on their flanks?
All questions asked within the limits of your NDA, off course.


Anonymous said...

The terrain tiles and action spots are the same size as in CMSF (8x8m). The 1x1m measurement is the resolution (fidelity?) of the terrain mesh. The tacai has improved but obviously won't be as smart as a human. Infantry will move where you tell them to move, but will attempt to find cover when under fire. If they end up under fire in an open field, you'll see them hit the dirt and try to crawl for cover if it's close enough. If you want them to march next to cover, you'll actually have to click a few extra times to give them a path suitable for what you want. -tFS