Thursday, December 16, 2010

Panzer Campaigns Kharkov 43 - Keep the Infantry Moving

Operational and strategic mobility is are usually bound to the road network.

In PzC's Kharkov 43, the winter weather conditions are forcing me to conduct a good portion of the tactical maneuvers near the roads. In particular, infantry. Not that they can't move through the open ... It's just too taxiing for them to do so.

This company from the 320th Inf. Div. will be walking roads until it makes contact. The highlighted hexes are the reachable ones. Note how mobility is double if the grunts keep their feet in the road. Any movement aside the road will reduce their mobility to half. From the "Gross Deutschland leads the way" scenario.


Impressed grognard said...

Oh, what a magnificent entry! I could have never guessed that infantry moves faster by road! Thank you, thank you! I'm off to incorporate that new-found knowlege into my tactical schemes!

JC said...

Hey, thanks for your comment.

Off course infantry moves faster by road. I was trying to make a point on tactical mobility, which I usually get through off-road movement.


an ass said...

And I was just being an ass.
By the way do you know anything about the next Squad battles game? The one which is gonna be released soon. It's not gonna be another one about WW2 is it?

JC said...

That was a fast response, dude. :)

They said it's "modern", but alas they still are very tight on previews. They also said a Falklands SB is on the works.

I can't remember where I read this. Maybe