Monday, June 28, 2010

Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge - Tutorial Scenario - The Plan

Finally … the bloody plan.

I like to start my plans from the desired end state (the troops deployment, stance and actions at the end of the scenario).

By the end of the scenario I want to (A, B and C refer to the next screenshot):

A) Have seized St. Vith with a brigade sized formation and have these troops oriented towards the southwest from where we are expecting an enemy armor attack

B) Have other brigade sized formation ready to attack in order to counter the enemy armor threat from the west.
C) Have a brigade sized formation attacking or harassing the Breitfeld crossroads objective from both sides of the railroad in order to relieve pressure on both the troops at St. Vith and the troops attacking west

D) Have a screen line in place on our right flank

I intentionally don’t list the Breitfeld crossroads objective as taken in this desired end state. A closer look at the terrain nearby this objective reveals a mobility bottleneck shaped by a river and forests. Definitively not tank friendly terrain. Although I know I have all the assets to brush almost any opposition aside, I just don’t want to bog down precious assets or loose precious time in this hell hole. In my desired end state, any enemy troops lingering at Breitfeld crossroads will be almost surrounded.

The Breitfeld Crossroads Objective. Not the best tank terrain.

In order to achieve this desired end state, I need to secure the Steinebruck bridge and Lommerweiler so troops can move north, northeast and northwest. Remember that at the scenario start, movement towards our flanks is restricted by an impassable river and the only way out is through the bridge right in front of my troops.

At this point I will not plan beyond the first day of operations. There is a lot of tactical reconnaissance to be made yet.

My plan is to secure the Steinebruck bridge and Lommerweiller during day 1. As soon as crossing the bridge is possible I will move reconnaissance troops to our left flank.



UsF said...

You're taking your time with the tutorial, I see :D
Nah just kidding, very well written "review" like for interested people.

9train said...

Great set-up. I don't think I put half as much thought into any of my BftB games as this. (and it shows!) :)

JC said...

Hello folks! :)

This is going to take forever, I know.


Brant said...

Too bad you weren't at Origins with us this year! We used BFTB for one of the exercises at the Origins War College, and we had Dave O'Connor (the designer) as the computer operator.

Maybe next year you can join us?

JC said...

Ey Brant! Nice to hear from you.

Those exercises must be a blast! I am really hoping for next year.