Sunday, January 3, 2010

A US Marines "Infantry" Squad, Part 1

 "Every Marine a rifleman", they say. However the lack of organic crew served weapons at the platoon and squad levels has not escaped many savvy Marines who are pushing for adding more organic firepower into the US Marines Squads and Platoons.

In this entry, a US Marine "infantry" squad as seen through ArmA 2 ...

Have you ever noticed that US Marines Squads are denoted "rifle" squads instead of "infantry" squads? Me neither. That is before I read this article that appeared on the April 2007 issue of the Marine Corps Gazette.

I will leave you to read the article by yourself and focus on assembling a simulated "Infantry Squad" as described by Cpt. Sprincin. The simulation of choice is ArmA 2.

With ArmA2's mission editor, I created a regular ("rifle") squad and then I clicked on each Marine that needed to be changed into another type. I ended up with these three teams plus the squad leader (not shown here).


Now tell me if you don't want to be part of the "rocket team" ... :) Even its name screams fun!

In a future entry, a small experiment on how the "infantry" squad performs compared to the regular "rifle" squad.


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