Friday, October 30, 2009

Monster PC Wargame Reviewed by Michael Peck at TSJ

"Monster" wargames is a denomination that some wargames receive because of their sheer size in terms of units, complexity and time needed to play them. In the latest issue of Training and Simulation Journal (both print and online), off-the-shelf simulations point man Michael Peck has a very nice review of "War in the Pacific: Admirals Edition" (WitPAE).

WitPAE may be very well known to many readers of this blog. If not, Mr. Peck's review will give you an idea of what this game is about.

As I said before, is always very nice to see articles in TSJ about simulations one can relate to and also afford. :) Every time I browse the print version of TSJ, with all the extremely cool toys there, I feel like throwing my joystick and monitor through the window. :)


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