Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hasty Defense of a Built Up Area by a USMC Squad, Part 4 (ArmA 2 Tactical Vignette)

Now, the firefight.

I positioned myself right behind position AR2a, to keep a close eye on the enemy's movements.

The enemy advanced through the main road. Once the shooting started, they tried to maneuver towards both flanks. This is when they got mauled, and most of them were caught in the middle or near the main road. One enemy soldier made it to just a few meters from position AR2a and threw a grenade that fortunately didn't catch anybody. This soldier was my only kill during the mission. How close the enemy soldier made it to our position reveals a serious deficiency in my defensive fire plan: I underestimated the danger of dead spaces.

I lost a fireteam leader (#3, right flank fireteam) to an RPG that was shot from the main road. He was in a too exposed position near AR2a. One rifleman (#10) was also injured in the firefight.

I think we killed one enemy squad right at the gates of the village. An additional squad or two moved into the village at the same time, but in the confusion of the firefight I lost track of where they went. I saw them later seen in the distance, but after 10 minutes they wouldn't move (this has to be an scenario issue?).

This is one of those times where I regret not being able to afford VBS2 and all the after action report goodies. Everything happens so fast in ArmA2 that is difficult to keep track of everything.

Some screenshots below.

My position right behind AR2. Click on the image to expand it.

Fallen Marine: fire team leader (#3). Click on the image to expand it.

That wound (just left of my aim point icon) doesn't look good, Marine! Click on the image to expand it.

Enemy casualties on the main road. Click on the image to expand it.

Enemy casualties on the main road, another view. Click on the image to expand it.


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