Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flight simming the air war over Vietnam

Just in time for my new work schedule with almost no free time, a new itch: air combat during the Vietnam era.

I installed my long-forgotten copy of "Wings over Vietnam" (WoV, from Thirdwire) and I took off to the virtual skies of Vietnam. This flight simulator is certainly not the cup of tea of the hardcore crowd out there. WoV doesn't feature detailed avionics, weapons targeting procedures, mission planning or a clickeable cockpit. Hell, you can even land your aircraft in the middle of the jungle!

In my case I am just happy with just some sort of fidelity in the flight modeling and weapons performance. To a certain extent, WoV delivers in those departments. In any case, WoV looks like the only choice I have.

Just as fighter pilots described in the abundant literature about the air war in Vietnam, flying the Phantom II is like flying a brick. Click the image for a better view.

My first encounters with the MIG-17 were not pretty. If you are flying a Phantom, avoid a turning fight with this guy! Click the image for a better view.

If this goes well and time allows, I would like to purchase Yankee Air Pirate 2.


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