Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DCS Black Shark: "A Stick and Rudder Man's Guide" at SimHQ

Frank "Dart" Giger (SimHQ Aviation and Air Combat co-Editor) has written a wonderful article on how tackle the complex task of flying the Black Shark.

Mr. Giger is a great writer and a straight forward thinker. His previous article on DRM schemes in games was brilliant.

As I recently started to fly "Wings over Vietnam", with its extremely simplified avionics and target acquisition systems, I found the following paragraph spot on (bold is mine):

I dislike “switch simulations” with a passion. Nothing sucks the joy from my soul quite like the word procedure in relationship to the operation of flight simulation, and referring to an aircraft as a platform is the height of insult in my book. It’s not the technical brilliance of the band and the craftsmanship of the floor that that excites me near as much as the woman I’m dancing with, after all — and it’s the only reason I’m there, to be honest.

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