Thursday, July 2, 2009

DCS Black Shark Printed Manual

A study flight simulator without a printed manual is almost like a party without alcoholic beverages. Either if you want to quickly browse some important data during your virtual flight or if you are trying to extend your enjoyment while away from the computer, printed manuals have always been one of those objects flight simulator enthusiasts consider as important as a good HOTAS.

A printed version of the manual for DCS Black Shark was supposed to be widely available for some time. Amazon is listing it as "out of print", so here is a link for the manual at if you are interested in purchasing it from the US.

Given the complexity of this simulation, my first reaction to the availability of a printed manual was to run and get it. But on second thought, I find DCS Black Shark's manual a bit difficult to follow and I may pass on this offer. Information in the manual is often dispersed and organized in a strange way.

Do you remember the printed manual of Falcon 4? It had the technical info at the beginning of the section and then a hands-on, switch to switch description of what you had to do to get the bombs and missiles on target. I'm not saying that DCS Black Shark's manual is bad. I'm just saying is a bit strange.


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