Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ArmA 2 Tactical Vignette #1: Leapfrogging a Marine Squad onto Hill 368 (Part 1)

[Off topic: excuses! I've spent all my available gaming time since Saturday trying to get ArmA 2 to run decently in my computer. It's like another game inside the game, but off course less enjoyable. I've tried all the tips available elsewhere in the web and more or less succeeded. Now my ArmA 2 looks worse than the original Operation Flashpoint though, so bear with me for the ugliness of the screenshots. Donations for a new computer will be gladly accepted :) .]

The purpose of this tactical vignette is to explore the bounding overwatch movement technique in ArmA 2. Specifically I want to see how it works in ArmA 2 and how well can one simulate the US Marine Corps take on this movement technique.

This vignette is heavily inspired on an article Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer wrote for By the way, if you are looking for a great online tactical experience in ArmA 2 I would recommend you join the online sessions hosted by Mr. Arkenbauer at the SimHQ ArmA 2 server.

Pretty much like those corny and extremely cheesy stories that precede adult-rated movies let me assassinate your suspension in disbelief with the background story of this vignette.

The point platoon of a US Marine company team has driven a Russian company-sized combat patrol off a small airport.

While the US Marines point platoon was going firm at the airport and waiting for orders from the company commander, remnant enemy forces delivered indirect fires (rockets and mortar rounds) from reference point "Hill 368" to the airport.

The enemy fires from Hill 368 will threaten our urgently needed heli-borne medevac efforts.

One squad of the Marines point platoon is tasked with clearing the enemy from Hill 368.

Tactical situation. The enemy forces at Hill 368 are estimated to be an infantry squad. Northeast of Hill 368, an enemy infantry squad is withdrawing. A US Marine squad is assembling near the southern tip of the runway and is tasked with clearing Hill 368. Image is clickeable.

A panoramic view of the airport, Hill 368 and the starting point for the Marine squad (labeled as "assembly area"). Image is clickeable.

Panoramic views from a different angle. In the foreground, the starting position of the Marine squad (labelled as "assembly area"). In the far background, the objective (Hill 368). Between the two, the ominously big danger area the Marine squad has to cross. Images are clickeable.

This vignette will focus on the movement across the danger area south of Hill 368.

To be continued ...


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