Monday, June 29, 2009

Unscratched Itches of June

The month of June is coming to an end and I could not complete many of the things I had planned.
  • I have an un-opened copy of IL-2: 1946 (birthday present).
I played the original IL-2 (plus Forgotten Battles) quite a bit in the past but now that I'm a grown up who can afford a HOTAS, pedals and TrackIR, I want to revisit this great flight simulator series
My initial forays into commanding British forces have been a disaster. This is one of the things I like from ProSim war games: if you are lousy, they really punish you hard.
I want to try out the weapons delivery tactics I wrote about a few days ago. Yep, I have been delivering advice without trying it beforehand. Writing is cheap, folks.
The copy I ordered from NWS Online Gaming Store it's in the mail right now. No rush here, even if a copy of ArmA2 would drop from the sky right into my hands at this precise moment, I wouldn't have had the time to install it anyway.
This one I promised to get back into when my disappointment over the suicidal computer-controlled soldiers washes off. To put me in the mood, a couple of days ago I visited the official Battlefront forums to see what's up. It's business as usual over there, nobody would acknowledge there is a problem with the TacAI of this game. Only few people still make the majority of posts there: developers, beta-testers and those who want to be beta-testers.
  • War gaming the break-out from Normandy during 1944.
Does it happen to you with certain historical battles that despite a lot of media exposure, they just don't lit that fire in your belly that make you go an try to war game them? Normandy was one of those battles for me. After reading "Tank Tactics" everything changed for me and now I'm in for some serious war gaming. Game chosen already: "Anglo-German War 1939-1945" by Schwerpunkt Games. Look at this beauty:

So many games, so little time ...


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