Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ArmA 2 Tactics: The Definitive Guide by Dslyecxi

This gentleman Dslyecxi is just amazing. In addition to his previous guide for ArmA, now he has a guide for ArmA2.

Thanks again Dslyecxi for an amazing job. I'm looking forward to apply all the stuff from your guide into the game.

My hat goes off to you, sir.



Alan said...

By far the best guide for multiplayer ARMA out there.

JC said...

Ey Alan,

Thanks for your comment.

You bet. The guide of guides!

Is Dslyecxi an ex-marine?


Anonymous said...

Read the guide till the end, you'll find out :) Great blog otherwise.

JC said...

Ey, thanks for your comment.

I see, he IS a Marine: once a Marine, always a Marine ;)