Sunday, November 2, 2008

War Gaming the Fight Against Al Qaeda

Many off-the-shelf computer war games have scenarios featuring US military forces against irregular forces (I will post more about this at a later time).
In this regard, ProSim's latest "Air Assault Task Force" war game is just outstanding. In a series of four scenarios entitled "Operation Anaconda", the player can test his tactical wisdom while fighting irregular forces in the challenging terrain of Afghanistan.

Screenshot of one of the "Operation Anaconda" scenarios of "Air Assault Task Force". Click the image for an expanded view.

From the screenshot above, you can guess this ProSim war game is not for the casual gamer. For example, all blue lines are authentic military operational graphics. Since its first war game, ProSim has raised the bar in terms of realism. But in the case of this particular series of scenarios, there is an additional treat: the scenario designer was involved in the planning of the real "Operation Anaconda". In the game credits the "Team Afghanistan Project Lead" is listed as "name witheld".

It doesn't get any better than this.

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