Wednesday, January 11, 2017

IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow - The Ju 52/3m 4ge DLC Aircraft

Slow and defenseless but no less iconic of WWII military aviation. This is an aircraft DLC for IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow combo.

Somewhere near Moscow, hauling fallschirmjäger.

The Ju 52, despite an intimidating dashboard, is a fairly easy to fly aircraft.

This DLC aircraft is arguably the best virtual model of the real thing. This is one of the IL-2 virtual cockpits where you really long for being able to click those panels.

Extra paint jobs are included.

Damn! I don't envy the guy in this turret.
The DLC does not include extra content like a campaign, but surely you can fly the Ju 52 in the already released campaigns. Nonetheless, one very cool thing of this DLC aircraft is the ability to carry and drop fallschirmjäger.

The cream of the crop heads east for a special mission.

The detail level of these paratroopers, including animations is quite impressive.

When properly trimmed, the virtual Ju 52 almost lands itself. In this screenshot, I landed in a remote clear area with no problem. But I got stuck and could not take off again.

A drop in the Eastern front, somewhere near Moscow.

Note the winter smocks this paratrooper is wearing.

Fallschirmjäger landing sequence. Right after landing.

Fallschirmjäger landing sequence. Getting on his feet.

Fallschirmjäger landing sequence. Pulling security while the rest of the stick lands.

Close up. Note the very detailed 3D model.

I have to confess that after dropping hundreds of paratroopers, the lack of action after they land is a bit disappointing. But I still have to explore what it can be done with the mission editor to move them out of the LZ.



Angel said...


They can bomb in this DLC?, in the Spanish civil war the Ju 52 the nacionalist force used it as level bomber.

I follow your page for long, great work.

JC said...

Nope. There is no loadout that I know of which allows bombing.