Saturday, October 22, 2016

Russia Doesn't Love my Grenadiers - Graviteam Tactics: Drive on Voronezh

Scorching sun, the densest fog and cross fires. Boy, the new DLC for Graviteam Tactics had a rude awakening for me!

Retreating after a tactical defeat, west of Shilovo. The noon sun falls hard on my soldiers.

July 4th, 1942. It's not exactly early morning, actually is around 10 AM and the fog is so thick that I did manage to advance an entire platoon of German infantry through open terrain. It was an all out gamble. And it didn't play well for my soldiers.

First contact was a barely manned trenchline. My soldiers pushed through it bravely ...

... Just to be welcomed by Russian positions within Shilovo and the woods surrounding it.

Cross fire and massacre. Unsupported troops devoid of recon patrols are just prey for the hungry Russian bear.

Completely unsettled by the loss of an entire platoon, I decided to go into the defensive until I can haul up some heavy support to assault Shilovo (town in the right). The mini Balka between Trushkino (village on the left) and Shilovo was a great place to hide some nervous troops.

I was hoping I could get these men to stand unbothered so they could start digging in. This would be a great jump-off position for an assault on Shilovo (in the background). However, the Russians started coming out in force from their defenses.
I'm being called into action.



Unknown said...

So why did you stop writing the article when the most important part was about to happen?

JC said...

Thanks for reading and for your comment.
For dramatic purposes?

Unknown said...

I love your humility, you admit your mistakes instead of save scumming and pretending you are Alexander the Great.

Marco said...

Glad to see you again here, that didn't result well but you could say that was the overconfident attitude of the germans at the beginning of Blue. ;) The module is the same of the old Graviteam Tactics? Worth to buy if you played the other one?

JC said...

Hi Shawn, thanks for the kind words. This game humbles me every single time. :)

Hi Marco, you bet. As for worthiness, the content itself is similar to Operation Star's Shilovo DLC. But in this new DLC, the tactical battles have more men, the interface and the AI are better.


Anonymous said...

For your consideration.