Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Scourge of War Quatre Bras Giveaway

Participate for a chance to win a Steam key for Scourge of War Quatre Bras.

Send an e-mail to with the subject "Quatre Bras Giveaway". Please include a public handle/nickname so you can be listed in a contestants' handle/nicknames spreadsheet to be published in the blog.

The prize is a Steam key for the Quatre Bras DLC. The winner will be chosen at random via RandomPicker.

If you win, you will receive this key via the same e-mail you provided. Your e-mail will not be disclosed, sold or any other BS that may annoy you or insta-hate me.

The contest will close next Friday at midnight (East Coast US Time) or when the amount of contestants reaches one hundred fifty (whatever comes first). The drawing will be performed and the winner announced on next Sunday.

Please limit your entries to one per person. I have no way to enforce this but more than one entry per-email will not be allowed.

Dudes, this is starting to sound like lawyer stuff. So, please participate and good luck.

The Scourge of War Quatre Bras Steam key was kindly provided by Matrix/Slitherine games.


1 comment:

UsF said...

This is a nice idea. I hope it gets some attention and people excited for the DLC. :)