Friday, September 20, 2013

Bil Hardenberger's Battle Drill - A Combat Mission's Tactical Bible

Bil is very well known for his work with Panther Games' Command Ops (and all it previous incarnations), Combat Mission (all of the way back to Combat Mission Beyond Overlord), Strategic Command and the upcoming Command Ops Legends of the Blitzkrieg. Ex US Army and Air Force, he quickly earned the CRO (chief realism officer) title among the beta testers of Panther Games.

Bil's work in the war gaming arena is not limited to beta testing and consultancy. He is an accomplished 3D artist and graphics designer with a keen sense for the effective delivery of learning content.

Recently, he has been very busy helping Battlefront with the new Market Garden module for Combat Mission Battle for Normandy. His AARs at the official forums are legendary ...

So, what better than having Bil's battlefield tactical wisdom cataloged and consolidated  in a website?

Enter Bil Hardenberger's "Battle Drill" a blog about all things tactical with a focus on Combat Mission.

I encourage you to drop by Bil's blog and read the fantastic content he has posted. The entries are rich in content and accompanied by great graphics. Do not miss it!



Johan said...

Very interresting blog! Thanks for the tip.

Marko said...

I didn't know that there is gonna be a Combat Mission module for Market Garden. Now I going to buy that game. I love everything around of that operation. So I'll give it a chance to the CM.

NW said...

This and your AARs/illustrated stories are why I keep coming here: great content, good reporting, Bravo Zulu. By the way, check out TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre. Rainbow 6 is back! Sadly not with 100% of the glory of the original, but the foundation is there.