Friday, December 2, 2011

ArmA 2 - Bunkers Need Better Frontal Cover

Have you noticed how fast your men die if they are in one of ArmA's bunkers. Those things expose you and your men to an excessive amount of frontal enemy fire. In this entry, I added an H-barrier to the front of the bunkers.

I know it looks ugly and I am sure that there is a way to pile up some sandbags to the front of the bunker. In addition, no Marine will agree to man such conspicuous, non-camouflaged fighting position. But this is just an experiment: a Marine fire team defends against a Russian squad which is attacking frontally.

The Marine fire team is split in two buddy teams, each team in a bunker reinforced with the H-barrier frontal cover. The men in each bunker fire obliquely from the sides and the two bunkers are mutually supportive (i.e.  can fire through the front of each other). No frontal fire allowed from the bunkers!

Instant translation: "we are about to get the shits". This is me and my field of fire through the left of the bunker. The other bunker is on my left.
The enemy has appeared on the open and has started to fire at us (note the smoke puff). Enemy fire impacts all over the place. Avoid the temptation to stand up and fire from the front of the bunker! I watch my field of fire and get so nervous that I shoot at whatever appears to move.
Now the Russians are launching rockets at us. Just super! Now I can hear them down the slope. They are close.
After what appeared to be an eternity, the SAW can acquire some targets in front of my bunker and starts shooting (note the smoke coming from the other bunker).
Close combat: a Russian infantry man (inside the yellow circle) is rushing forward. I have to switch my gun to "burst" instead of "semi". The range of fire is point blank. The Russian gets it from me. Quick mag change. 
Another Russian appears and I'm starting to hate these sandbags (note how I'm hitting them).
I hear voices in front of our bunker, but the SAW at our left doesn't engage them. I'm forced to cover our dead space with grenades.
The enemy assault falters and the remnants pull back under fire. It's easy to dispatch them when their backs are pointing at us.
It was a very intense fight and I was beyond my comfort zone. Close combat is not my forte. :)

These are some of the enemy casualties. They fell some 15 feet from our bunker. 
This Russian infantry man was on his way to exploit a successful outflanking maneuver. I don't remember shooting or seeing any of the other Marines shooting this guy.


James said...

To quote a quote, "The next two principles go hand in hand. They are - SITED IN DEFILADE and SITED TO PRODUCE ENFILADE FIRE. Defilade simply means that you have something solid between you and the bulk of the enemy's direct fire weapons and enfilade means that you hit the enemy from a flank. As glamorous as it might sound, the last thing we want is to have the enemy staring down the muzzles of our machine guns."

I don't think it's the "bunkers" per se but rather where the bunkers have been placed.


Anonymous said...

How awesomely realistic is Arma 2? Just about the best warfare simulation in history. I'm constantly stunned by it.

Top fucks to you chief!