Friday, November 30, 2018

Strategic Command WWII: World at War - Releases 06DEC18

One year after the release of the WWII in Europe, we now know we are close to the release of the World at War. While I write a preview of the game, let me share a few preliminary impressions.

Island hopping in the PTO.  It's remarkable how easy and effective the design of amphibious operations works in World at War. The naval warfare aspect is still a bit intriguing: effective, but with some  idiosyncrasies that leave a sense of want for a few more details.

Land warfare continues to be my bias. In this screenshot, the Kursk sector of the Eastern Front from the 1943 scenario. The operations are played very easily, and a newbie player may be fooled into thinking that this is just a generic Panzer General clone. Beware, there is a solid game designer behind World at War, and your carelessness will be paid dearly.

Operation Husky. Just a few clicks got me into Sicily and the operation will be over really soon. Rarely I have to guess or consult the manual. A very intuitive war game play, where you use your brain power to make strategic and operational decisions instead of figuring out how many pounds of fuel your corps needs or how many rounds of ammo you will need to produce in a year.
In one word, this is likely the best offer out there to have a playable, believable and satisfying WWII strategic warfare experience.

A more detailed preview is coming, stay tuned.


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