Sunday, October 7, 2018

Armored Task Force - The Artilleryman's Worst Nightmare

Is the enemy's artillery.

Armored Task Force (ProSim Company, Shrapnel Games) Sunday at my command bunker. Practicing fires coordination with my three self propelled artillery batteries.

Armored Task Force was the creation of Pat Proctor, who has moved into a successful career as an author in  current affairs, military history, and military simulation. He was an artillery officer, and this has transpired into Armored Task Force.

No other game that I know of has so much detail in indirect fire support, and ignoring them is at your own peril.

A zoomed out view of the area of operations of the 2-8th Cavalry Regiment.
The scenario I'm playing has some Steel Beasts artillery overtones. Like the need to keep the units moving to avoid the ENY indirect fire. The inconspicuous ENY dismount patrols keep targeting my vehicles with indirect fire.

A quick artillery mission will take care of those ENY dismounts at the end of the red lines. 
Also note the artillery mission options available in the overlay window.

The most valuable feature is the ability of creating position areas, so your artillery units would move automatically when they are fired upon.
According to FM 3-90, "a position area for artillery (PAA) is an area assigned to an artillery unit where individual artillery systems can maneuver to increase their survivability."

I have the suspicion that the ENY is using counter-battery fires, an much to my dismay I don't see my troops as having the capability to pinpoint the origin of enemy indirect fires.


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