Friday, September 14, 2018

Graviteam Tactics Mius Front / Raid DLC - The Long Flank

The professional pessimist in me kind of predicted this, but I chose to ignore the warning signs.

A short note on "Operation Star redux", now updated to the "Mius Front" standards as the "Raid" DLC.

The bridge over the Uda River, just in front of Krasnaya-Polyana, was secured almost effortlessly on 12FEB43 around 0500. Weak Soviet forces (most likely a couple of listening posts) were overrun by two companies of PzGren (2 Pz.Gr Regiment) supported by a heavy weapons detachment.

Consolidation of the Krasnaya-Polyana bridgehead. Blue=German Forces, Red=Soviet Forces.

After dawn, the PzGren start their movement south, sacrificing security for speed. It is evident that the German forces are liable of a long flank and that they are spread thin.

From the north-west, the Soviets start harassing the German column. The time is now 0900.

A platoon of StuGIIIs is rushed west via Vodyanoe, to secure a hinge from which to counter attack the Soviets in a southerly direction. This was a poor choice for two reasons.

First, armor not supported by dismounts in this built-up area left the steel beasts vulnerable to Soviet infantry. The Soviets made good use of their infiltration skills and became very un-welcomed dwellers of Vodyanoe.

The first armor loss to Soviet infantry in Vodyanoe shocked the entire platoon. 

It was only after some German infantry was haphazardly dispatched towards Vodyanoe that the situation was stabilized.

But not without considerable effort and losses.

The StuGIII platoon, now free of the grips of Vodyanoe, engaged Soviet troops moving towards the town.
The second reason was the restrictive terrain west and south of Vodyanoe. An offensive move by the Germans would be very slow because of the snow, the foliage and the slopes of the hills in the region.
The terrain is not apt for a quick attack, neither by infantry nor armor.

The main Soviet assault took place at OBJ Barn (see map above). Here the Soviets faced the ferocious resistance of a PzGren platoon, which almost ran out of ammunition stopping them.

OBJ Barn.

The battle ended with 50 casualties for each side, 2 vehicles lost for the Germans and a lot of worries about being cut off from the bridgehead.



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