Sunday, August 5, 2018

Panzer Battles of Kursk - Southern Flank (John Tiller Software) - 7th Pz. Div. Through the Marshes

We have the game, we have the books ... Let's fight!



David - Wargame Design Studio said...

Hey JC,

Thanks for highlighting Panzer Battles Kursk (again)! I was fortunate to do a field trip to the Kursk battlefield in 2013 (70th anniversary) before we released the game and was lucky enough to meet Zamulin. He was our guide for a few days and took us over the primary thrust that the SS lead. Zamulin was the director for the Kursk museum/memorial that is at Prokhorovka. He also showed us nearly ten books he has written on the battle and as you can see they are slowly being translated for all of us English speakers to enjoy.

As far as game play, this scenario has the tactical conundrums you mention. Crossing a river with minimal cover and limited routes to cross the marsh/swamp. The German's managed to do it, but the poor Panzer grenadiers and engineers took a beating. The available tiger company will be critical for support, but is vulnerable as it can only cross the marsh in travel mode. When to move it and how to use it is key for the early part of the scenario as is getting men across the river quickly.

Finally, your smoke comment. The rationale is that anything less than a 250 meter smoke screen will be insufficient. From hex to hex units could be anywhere in the 250 meters and it gets hard to handle the possibilities. We therefore use smoke as a way to cover up to the last 250 meters and then you're on your own. In this scenario, the Russians deliberately setup so the Germans would have difficulty masking their approach and the histories bear this out.

Thanks again for the inclusion of our game!


JC said...

David! Good to see you, sir.
What a great trip it must have been! Being there ... Man, nothing can beat that. And meeting a scholar of such a caliber!

Thanks for the clarification about smoke. It sounds reasonable.

You know, I was chuckling yesterday about how, abstractions and all, the Tigers are great for bunker busting. Pretty much as mentioned in Zamulin's book.

Looking forward to Africa!